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  1. What is the eGift?
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  3. eGift order process.
  4. How to manage the eGift orders on the dashboard.

What is the eGift?

eGift is a new way to send products as gifts. On the product page, your customer can click on the ‘Send as Gift’ button, fill in a greeting card and complete the checkout without ever leaving your site. 

GiftWizard then sends a beautiful, personalized gift announcement to the recipient. The recipient claims the gift, selects the color and size along with any other variables, and completes the shipping details. If the customer isn’t on-target with the gift choice, the recipient has the freedom to exchange it for another product or a Gift Card to use later, all prior to fulfillment. 

How to enable eGifting and the cart checkbox:

In your dashboard==>eGift Setup tab==>Enable eGifting button.
This will add the eGift button (Gift Instantly) to all products at your store.
To enable the Cart checkbox, switch the Show checkbox to on (blue color means on):

eGift order process:

Here is an example of how the recipient receives, modifies and accepts the Gift:

Step 1 - the customer purchases a product as a gift to a recipient through the eGift button or the cart checkbox option. An order is created on your dashboard and on your Shopify admin. The order is automatically archived until the gift recipients accept the gift.

Step 2 - an email is sent to the gift recipient, who can adjust the variants of the product, accept it as it is, or exchange it for a Gift Card (see top video). Once the recipient accepts the gift and fills in the shipping details, the order will be unarchived with the new details:

If the recipient didn't accept or exchanged the gift within 1 week, the order will automatically be unarchived.

Step 3 - send the gift according to new details, and turn recipients into your new customers!

How to manage the eGift orders on your dashboard:

You can see all your eGift orders on the eGift Manage tab.
In the Manage tab you'll see all the order details, view the greeting card and resend the order if needed.

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